About Alysia Marie...

      My name is Alysia Marie Colón and my journey as an artist began in my home town of Portland, Oregon in 1991 when I was born.

     From the time I was a young child, I always had an affinity for the arts and movement. I was exposed to these worlds from a young age. My father himself was an artist and always served as an inspiration and my mother always supporting my curious mind, always allowed me to bounce between gymnastics, music, drawing, and just playing. My hands were calloused and blistered by the time I was 5 from playground rings and covered in paint and ink from the pictures I poured on to paper.

      By the time I was 10, I knew art was my calling and I begged my mother to send me to the arts magnet school in our city, Da Vinci Arts Middle School. It was there where I flourished in the exploration of the arts.

      I finally knew my path when I watched one of my peers perform on the school stage as the white swan from Swan Lake. I knew at this moment that I wanted to be on the stage like her, and I immediately directed my focus to the stage.

     By 12 years old I was in the dance program and taking gymnastics and participating in the school plays. I continued to studying ballet a the Classical Ballet Academy under Sarah Rigles until I was 16 right up to the point I was swept away into the world of circus.


     At age 16 I join Pendulum Aerial Dance Theater's youth company and studied contortion, adagio and aerial techniques until I was later offered a position as a company apprentice. I spend the rest of my youth bending and flipping and creating until I was later accepted into l'Ecole Nationale de Cirque Montreal where I studied aerial silks with Sarah Poole.

      The next years of my life brought to me many new and challenging experiences. I trained at the Circus School for one year before returning home to pursue a degree in Massage Therapy before once again returning to Quebec for one more year of Circus School at l'Ecole de Cirque de Quebec where I furthered my knowledge in hand to hand, trampoline and ground acrobatics.

      Eventually, I joined the cast of Pippin: the Musical directed by Gypsy Snider of le 7 Doigts de la Main and continued on to perform on board TUI's Mein Schiff Fleet.

      I now currently work as a Freelancer based in Barcelona, Spain and continue to pursue new projects and creations.

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